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Factors like increased globalisation, open trade borders, increased consumption have led to global supply chains spanning continents. At EuroIndustriel, we take a global approach to procurement. We deploy different techniques like low-cost-country sourcing or best-cost-country sourcing as per your needs. Whether you’re looking to procure specific industrial products or end-to-end procurement for an upcoming project, we can handle it efficiently.

Contract Management

Contract management is complicated when working with suppliers from different parts of the globe. At EuroIndustriel, we eliminate the uncertainty from your contracts with suppliers. We provide you with timely and accurate insights to help you sign mutually beneficial contracts with suppliers. Whether you’re looking for a one-off engagement or searching for multiple contracts in your industry, we can help you with it all.

Supply Market Analysis

Covid-19 has disrupted the global supply chain significantly. Our supply market analysts provide us with powerful insights into market dynamics, supplier’s capabilities, pricing insights and highlight cost-saving opportunities helping us make empowered procurement decisions. Whether it’s a regular report or a one-off analysis, our supply market intelligence adds tremendous value to our decision making.


We offer supplier benchmarking and price benchmarking services to clients across industries. At EuroIndustriel, we deliver actionable and in depth insights that help you make empowered procurement decisions by evaluating suppliers across standard benchmarks. We build our research using various parameters like sales volumes, operational and functional capabilities, technological infrastructure, equity interests and more.

Spend Analysis

Finding it challenging to keep track of your corporate spending? Worried if you’re wasting resources and not utilising available resources to the maximum? EuroIndustriel’s team of data experts can help your business proactively forecast corporate spending and get a clear picture of spending quarter-to-quarter or year-on-year. Our detailed spend analysis reports help you prioritise corporate expenditure and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Supplier Risk Analysis

Our supplier risk analysis team helps us evaluate the performance and health of each supplier, helping to mitigate supplier risks, be prepared for worst case scenarios, and avoid potential bottlenecks. We assess each supplier’s quality, geopolitical, regulatory, financial and business stability, helping us analyse the strengths and weaknesses of each supplier and get the maximum value from our suppliers.

Who Are We?

In these challenging economic times, a seamless supply chain and cost effective product procurement make all the difference between success and failure. So, whether you operate a desalination plant, a sugar mill, a power plant, a food processing unit, or a chemicals processing plant – EuroIndustriel is your world-class partner to make procurement simplified for all your industrial needs. We offer you the best of both worlds – high quality products & cost-savings, offering a more intelligent way of buying equipment for some of the most challenging industries on the planet.

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EuroIndustriel’s procurement and sourcing solutions are designed to provide you with an edge over your competitors, overcome sourcing challenges, reduce procurement risks, and achieve excellence beyond cost savings. We offer intelligent procurement solutions across a landscape of industries.

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