5 Factors to Consider While Shopping for Industrial Welding Machines Online

If you work with metals repairing and joining them as part of your job, then a welding machine is a key tool in your daily work kit. With dozens of welding machine models available in the market, how do you find the right one? In this guide, we walk you through the different types of welding machines and the factors to consider while purchasing one.
A good welding machine lasts for years and is an excellent investment. So, make sure to spend some time comparing the pros and cons of different models in the market to find the right one that fits your needs and requirements.

Type of Welding Machines


Welding machines are classified into four categories based on the four welding processes:

1. Arc Welding

This method is also known as stick welding. Here, electricity flows through a rod electrode generating a welding arc. This arc of electricity is used to weld the materials together. 

Pros Cons
It is one of the most challenging welding processes.

However, it is quite popular due to the strong welding
bond it creates and the low cost of the machine.

It is best suited for welding joints and certain alloys and
works both outdoors and indoors.
It creates significant splatter that must be cleaned after the project.

2. MIG Welding

It is also known as wire feed welding and is the easiest welding process. Even amateurs can weld materials with a MIG welding machine after using it for a couple of times.

It is simple to operate and easy to clean.

It works on both thick and thin plate materials.

It can weld different metals like steel, copper, aluminium, nickel alloys and more.
Other benefits include no spatter, larger deposition rates and increased flexibility.

3. TIG Welding

It is also known as Heli-arc welding. It uses an inert gas and an electrode to produce a superior weld.

Pros Cons
TIG welding machines produce strong and neat welds compared to other machines.

It is primarily used for welding thin alloys like stainless steel and other metals like magnesium and aluminium.
When compared to other easy to use machines like MIG welding machines, TIG welding is hard and more challenging to use.

Also, the welding process is comparatively slower.

4. Flux Cored Arc Welding

This welding process is similar to MIG welding. But the major difference is that it does not require a shielding gas.

The welding process is simple, gas-free while still being efficient.

It can work outdoors even in windy workplaces.

This process works well even on dirty surfaces and is highly portable.

It is easy to learn and can form neat welds on aluminium and steel.

Questions to Ask Yourself before Purchasing a Welding Machine

Is this your first time buying an industrial welding machine? Or has your old welding machine stopped working and you are looking to replace it? Make sure to consider these factors before buying a welding machine.
  • What are the materials you will be working on and also how thick will those materials be? Different welding machines work better on different metals. So, make sure to buy a welding tool that suits the metal that you use the most.
  • Where will you be using the welder? Will it be indoors or outdoors? Will you use it in the same location or will you be using it in different places? What is the electricity supply available at the work place? Do you require portability? Some models work better indoors while others can also work outdoors. While some welding machines can be moved with ease others are not very portable. So, make sure to consider these usage factors while reviewing your purchase decision.
  • How much experience do you have in welding? Have you used welding tools earlier? How important is the appearance of the weld? For example, MIG welding machines are easy to use while TIG welding machines require prior welding expertise.

5 Factors to Consider to Make your Welding Machine Buying Journey Easier

i. Metal Type

Generally, welding tools work best on carbon steel as this metal is highly compatible. If you will be working primarily on stainless steel, then a MIG or TIG welding machine is better suited to the purpose. Aluminium on the other hand requires more efficient welding machines like the MIG machine. Alternatively, you can also use a high-strength TIG welding machine to create an aluminium weld. 

ii. Power Supply

The standard voltage in a residential or commercial area is 115 volts. The good news is that most industrial welding machines work at this power supply itself. However, some high-end welding machines require a power supply of 220 – 240 volts. So, make sure to check the required voltage supply and compare it with the available supply in your workspace.

iii.Thickness of the Metal

Besides considering the type of metal, you also have to consider other factors like the thickness of the metal to be welded. Some machines work only on thin plate metals, while others also work on thick metal structures.

iv. Availability of Compressed Gases

Different welding machines use different gases to operate. Some of the common compressed gases used to power welding machines include oxygen, carbon-di-oxide and argon. So, before you choose a welding machine, make sure that you have easy access to the required gas. For example, if argon is not easily available or expensive, then purchasing a welding that operates using argon is not a smart choice. Alternatively, you can also go for gas-free welding machines like the flux-cored arc welder.

v. Shop at the Right Welding Machine Supplier

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