Industrial Valves

Euroindustriel offers an entire range of highly reliable Valves for all applications.
The range of valves covers Pulp Stock Valve, Double Beat Valve, Sluice Valve, Non-Return-Check Valve, Butterfly Valve, Strainer/ Y Type/ Bucket Type, Globe Valve, Ball Valve, Check Valve, Gate Valve, Pressure Relief Valve (PRV), Control Valve.

Size (Diameter)50mm to 500mm
MOCCast Steel, All Bronze, Stainless Steel, MS Fabricated Constructions
ApplicationFor Handling Pulp and Fibrous Material in Sugar, Paper and Chemical Industries.


Size (Diameter)125mm to 300mm
MOCCast Iron / Cast Steel / MS or SS Fabricated Internals : Stainless Steel / Rubber / Leaded Tin Bronze
ApplicationJuice Heater in Sugar Factories
Other OptionsRubber : EPDM / Silicon / Viton
Teflon Seating can also be provided

Size (Diameter)50 mm to 600 mm
700 mm to 1200 mm
MOCRising / Non-Rising Spindle. Made of Cast Iron / Cast Steel / Ms Fabricated / Ductile Iron Size Range (dia.): 20mm to 1500mm
ApplicationIt is applicable to handle clear water with turbidity upto 5000 ppm and temperature not more than 45o C. For handling hot water and steam, SS trims are recommended. Also suitable in the boiler line for non-IBR Applications
AccessoriesFollowing accessories can be supplied on specific request : Spur/Worm/Bevel Gear Gate Travel Indicator Headstock & Extn. Spindle Drain Plug / Scour Plug Shoe-Channel Back Seating Actuator By-pass


Size (Diameter)20mm to 1200mm
MOCRising / Non-Rising Spindle. Made of Cast Iron / Cast Steel / MS Fabricated / Ductile Iron Size Range (dia.): 20mm to 1500mm
ApplicationSuitable for handling clear water having turbidity of 5000 ppm maximum within the limits of the working pressure. Suitable for temperature upto 60o C. Hinge pin construction of a special type can also be arranged.
AccessoriesBy-Pass Arrangement, Dashpot Arrangement and Counter Weight Arrangement can be arranged on request
TypeSingle / Multi Door / Dual Plate / Wafer
RangeIS 5312 2004 : 50mm to 600mm & IS 5312 1986 : 500 mm to 1200 mm


Size (Diameter)40mm to 600mm
600mm to 1500mm

Double Flanged / Wafer Cast Iron / Cast Steel / Ductile Iron

For higher Pressure ratings MOC will be Cast Steel / Ductile Iron

ApplicationHigh Temperature Application
TypeWafer Type – 40mm to 600mm Double Flanged (Short / Long Body) – 150mm to 1500mm The temperature range of tight shut off valves is 20o C to 120o C. Temperatures up to 260o C are possible but the details of process fluid have to be considered before selecting the resilient Seal Material. Normally the maximum operating pressure is limited to 5-15 kg/cm2 for valves up to 600 mm dia. and to 10kg/cm2 for valves of higher sizes. The maximum working pressure is limited by maximum
StandardIS:13095/91 as per AWWA C-504 as per BS-5155

Size (Diameter)25mm to 700mm
MOCCast Iron / Cast Steel / MS Fabricated
ApplicationStraining of Turbid liquid

Size (Diameter)20mm to 500mm
MOCCast Iron / Cast Steel / MS Fabricated
ApplicationDrain and Vent, Feed Water, Chemical, Air, Lube Oil
InternalsStainless Steel & Rubber
TypeRight Angle/Straight Flow/Oblique Type

Size (Diameter)Up to 8” (DN 200) and in ASME classes from 150 to 2500
ApplicationMyriad applications in Process Plants, Utility Lines and HVAC
TypeSingle-Piece, Two-Piece and Three-Piece Constructions

Size (Diameter)15 mm - 1500 mm
MOCForged Brass & Bronze
Wafer type can be provided in CF8 M,WCB,Cast Iron
ApplicationPump Protection, Water Hammer Reduction
Pressure RatingPN 10, 16, 25, 40

Size (Diameter)8 mm - 600 mm based on type
MOCCarbon Steel,CF8 Stainless Steel, Bronze
ApplicationPaper & Pulp, Waste Water, Ethanol Downstream
Pressure RatingClass 150 to 300

Size (Diameter)65 mm - 200 mm based on type
MOCBronze, SS, Cast Iron
ApplicationGas and Liquid Service, High Pressure and Temperature Devices
Pressure RatingPN 10 to PN 150

Size (Diameter)15 mm - 750 mm and higher range available as per request
MOCCS, SS, Cast Iron
ApplicationSteam, Water , Gas
Pressure RatingASME Class 150 to 2500

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