How to Choose the Size of my Solar Inverter?

Solar inverters are one of the most important components of your solar panel system. They help in converting DC (Direct Current) from the solar panels to AC (Alternating Current) to drive appliances. While setting up your solar panel system, you have to consider the size of the inverter. In this guide, we help you choose the right sized inverter for your needs.

How to choose solar inverter size?


Solar inverters are available in various sizes. They are measured in Watts (W). When it comes to determining the correct size, you have to consider three main factors:

1. Size of the Solar Array

Since an inverter converts DC into AC, it should be able to handle all the power generated by your solar panels. For example, if you have a large solar panel but a small sized inverter, then a vast majority of the power generated will remain unharnessed and get wasted.


Clipping is the phenomenon when your solar panels generate too much DC current for the inverter to handle. When clipping occurs, the invert limits the electricity converted, which results in power losses for the solar panel system.

The general rule of thumb is that – the size of the inverter should in proportion to the DC rating of the solar panels. For example, if you have a 6kW system, then the inverter size should be around 6000W plus or minus.

Top solar inverter manufacturers like Tusker Power provide customers with an inverter sizing guideline to match the solar array capacity. Pairing the wrong sized inverters is not only inefficient but can also cause the warranty to be nullified.

2. Location

The location of your solar panel system also plays a crucial role in determining the size of the inverter. For example, sites with more sunshine and moderate temperatures generate more electricity output and hence require inverters of larger capacity. On the other hand, if your solar panels are located in sites with lower amounts of solar radiation, then it could decrease panel efficiency. In such cases, the panels do not produce maximum power outputs and hence a smaller undersized inverter could get the job done.

3. Other Miscellaneous Factors

Besides these two common factors, several other site-specific factors also impact the size of the inverter. Here are other factors to consider:

  • Environmental factors like shading, dust, etc.
  • Tilt and azimuth of the solar array

You need to consider all these factors to determine the correct size of the inverter.

Points to Keep in Mind while Choose Solar Inverter Sizes:

  • The inverter size can be slightly smaller or larger than the DC rating of the solar array.
  • Consider the formula “array-to-inverter” ratio. This is the DC rating of the solar array divided by the maximum AC output of the inverter. To give an example, if the DC rating is 6kW and the inverter output is 6000W, then the array-to-inverter ratio is 1. On the other hand, if you use a 5000W inverter for the same array, then the array-to-inverter ratio is 1.2.
  • Ideally, the array-to-inverter ratio should be between 1.15 to 1.25. Most inverter manufacturers and solar panel designers do not recommend going above 1.55.
  • A higher array-to-inverter ratio may be suitable for a system that does not generate the maximum output due to location or other site-specific factors.
  • Generally, it’s not advisable to pair large solar panels with smaller inverters as it could lead to clipping.
  • Similarly, it’s also not recommended to pair a large solar inverter with a smaller solar panel.
  • The system is most efficient when the size of the inverter matches the DC output of the solar panel.

Sizing of Microinverters

In a microinverter, the DC to AC conversion occurs at each individual panel. They are small inverters that are attached to each row of panel. The sizing of microinverters follows the sizing guidelines of regular inverters. Ideally, the DC output of the panel should match the size of each microinverter. If you connect a small microinverter to the panel, then it could lead to clipping causing a wastage of electricity.

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